Yesterday new photos of Sean Penn kissing Leila George on holiday in Hawaii were released. The photos were taken on October 1. Click here to see them. He is all up in her face. Then, last night, Sean and Leila stepped out together in LA for “An Evening With Sean Penn” at LACMA. According to US Weekly, “(Leila) assisted (Sean) during the reading. ‘She stood onstage and would read the chapter titles and footnotes and other asides,’ the eyewitness told Us, adding that George was reading ‘it in a purposely robotic way, like Apple’s Siri’.” Let’s come back to that in a minute.

Leila is an actress, her parents are Greta Scacchi and Vincent D’Onofrio. She is 24 years old. Sean Penn is 56 years old. Leila is younger than his daughter, Dylan. So, remember when he and Madonna were hanging out again last year and people were all like, oh, they’re getting back together? I wrote at the time that there was no way they were getting back together. Neither one of them can be with people their own age.

As you know, Sean’s last serious girlfriend was Charlize Theron, not his own age but, um, considerably more experienced. With experience and maturity comes… an opinion. Maybe that’s the problem. I mean, when his girlfriend is doing readings for him onstage, like an accessory, and delivering them in a robotic way, like a computer, I wonder if that’s a reflection of the relationship. Or, you know, maybe that’s too cynical. Maybe this is true love between two compatible people who respect and admire each other equally.