Selena Gomez is dating DJ Zedd. Or at least that’s what she wants us (and Justin Bieber) to think. Nothing’s been confirmed but they’re all over each other’s social media and he tweeted this photo the other day of her in studio with him so for all intents and gossip purposes, it’s on.



Zedd is apparently friends with Diplo. And apparently Diplo can’t resist inserting himself into every story. Why is that guy so desperate for it? He picked a fight with Taylor Swift while he was f-cking Katy Perry; he tried to warm himself in Katy’s spotlight for her Super Bowl performance; and now he’s tweeting back at Selena with her boyfriend:



Diplo is starting some sh-t right there. Because Selena then tweeted some emojis in response. Which means she’s fraternising with the enemy of the Taygency. And, well, you know. Loyalty is expected if you’re a member of the Taylor Swift friendship circle. Look how quick Lorde was to tell Diplo to shut the f-ck up when he was trying to disrespect Taylor’s ass. Click here for a refresher. Taylor’s brand is that she’s all about friends over boys now. You don’t want to be the one to be breaking those rules in her face.