On social media, everything means something…right?

At the start of Camp Swift’s annual Fourth of July weekend, fans claimed to have seen Selena Gomez at the beach with Taylor Swift and Blake Lively. Selena didn’t show up in any of the group swim shots though. And she’s posting videos from her own Independence Day party that clearly had nothing to do with #Taymerica.


hostess vibes. Happy 4th everyone!

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“Hostess vibes”? But there’s supposed to be only ONE host on the Fourth of July. And she was born in 1989!

Selena’s on tour now though. So it’s possible she just couldn’t fit #Taymerica into her schedule. But then… what about this Snapchat?


Baby you're a firework🎉💕 #selenagomez @selenagomez

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If everything means something, what does this mean?