Am I supposed to be looking at what I’m looking at? The video for Selena Gomez’s Good For You has been released online. The song is basically a four minute moan and tease. She’s telling her lover that no one else can f-ck him like she f-cks him. She can do soft. She can do hard. And he will finish. With her, he will definitely reach the conclusion. The video is basically her proving it.

So… I’m supposed to be looking at what I’m looking at, right? I’m supposed to be enjoying what I’m seeing? I’m supposed to be perving? Should I feel bad about that? Should I feel bad about the fact that I’m wondering why her nipples aren’t hard when she’s sitting on the stool in the white t-shirt with her hair wet? Should I apologise to someone? In fairness to me, I was thinking that that’s the brand difference between Selena and, say, Miley Cyrus, who would never wear nipple tape and would probably fire you if you suggested it, or a bra, to her.

Anyway, my point is that for the duration of this video, I was basically just checking out Selena’s breasts. And her lips, in relation to being kissed. And her hair, her hair looks great, although I think she’s going to the hair too much because she might not have any other moves.

Last night Selena had dinner with Ed Sheeran at The Nice Guy. And Justin Bieber was also at The Nice Guy. So I guess he’s seen the video…?