These pictures made me laugh.

Shia Labeouf and Joe Jonas walked past each other at Cafe Med yesterday in West Hollywood. Let’s Photo Assumption the Middle Vagina Virgin’s face:

Please know me. Please say hi to me. Please look up. Please let’s bro-shake. Should I walk back in the other direction? How can I run around the back and come across him all over again without seeming obvious? Should I try it? Please let me be his friend.

Shia, meanwhile, thought to himself that the guy he just passed had the weirdest thigh to torso ratio.

But they may have more in common than you think. Shia got his start on Disney too, you know. You can’t get rid of that with a little scruff and a bad attitude.

I watched Source Code the other day. Not a bad movie, for that kind of movie. Jake Gyllenhaal is really good at being stressed and funny at the same time. Shia too. Jake in Source Code = Shia in Eagle Eye. So then I thought I’d really love if they shot something together. Like, I would punch myself in the face from the excitement. Just me?

Photos from and INF