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Show Your Work – Oscars Fool Us Again Edition

Duana Posted by Duana at January 15, 2020 22:13:02 January 15, 2020 22:13:02
Taylor Hill/ Steve Granitz/ Michael Kovac/ Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images

We always planned to talk about the 2020 Oscar nominations on this week’s episode, since an Oscar nod obviously has a huge impact on the careers of anyone nominated.  Instead, we wound up talking about how obvious the Academy’s blind spot is: since once again white men vastly dominate the nominations is it time to stop caring what Oscar thinks? That’s what Alma Har’el, director of Honey Boy, recommends:  Thank you to everyone that’s speaking up about today’s nominations. Full Story

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Show Your Work: LIVE from the Golden Globes! 

Duana Posted by Duana at January 8, 2020 20:18:48 January 8, 2020 20:18:48

We are back, and thrilled to bring you this special episode of the podcast LIVE (ish) from L.A., where Lainey was on the Golden Globes red carpet in the dress heard around the web! The red carpet is a strange beast, and fresh from what Lainey calls one of her best carpets ever, we dig deep into the world of awards show arrivals – what makes a great carpet or a bad one, who’s an all-time favourite interview, and what are the pitfalls that can befall rookie interviewers and veterans alike? We discuss why Tiffany Haddish really is as great as she seems, why Kerry Washington might have a bone to pick with Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Aniston, and my most pressing red carpet question of all, even atfer all these years – what happens when you have to pee?! Especially in clothing that was never meant to go anywhere as unglamorous as a public bathroom? Then, the dresses come off, and as Lainey shifts back into ‘writer mode’, we bring you inside our  ‘writers room’ (in this case, our alternately freezing and boiling hotel room at the Beverly Hilton) as we dig into a candy-and-beef-jerky fuelled debate about our Golden Globes coverage on the site on Monday Full Story

Show Your Work: Scarlett Johansson’s most iconic role 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 18, 2019 21:54:57 December 18, 2019 21:54:57

On the last episode of Show Your Work , Duana had a conspiracy theory about Scarlett Johansson hosting Saturday Night Live. So on this episode we’re doing a report card on that conspiracy theory and get into Scarjo’s work overall – because Duana has taken a position: that Scarjo does not have an iconic role (and, yes, this means that she doesn’t consider Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff to be iconic)…why is that? Here is the highest grossing female actor in Hollywood but there’s not one performance we strongly associate her with, one where we say, yeah, no, no one else could have done that. Full Story

Show Your Work: Saturday Night JLo

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 11, 2019 21:23:47 December 11, 2019 21:23:47

On this episode of Show Your Work, we get into the various award show nominations leading up to the Oscars and what they mean. Are there some that are more “important” than others? And which award is the “Andrea Zuckerman” of award season? Beverly Hills 90210 analogies aplenty are coming at you. Full Story

Show Your Work: America’s Got Gabrielle

Duana Posted by Duana at December 4, 2019 20:25:59 December 4, 2019 20:25:59
Rodin Eckenroth/ FilmMagic

If Lainey were writing this, she’d undoubtedly point out that some stories are gifts that keep giving or that gain momentum when you least expect it. It’s been a full week since the story broke that Gabrielle Union spoke up about various issues at America’s Got Talent – and was released from her contract Full Story

Show Your Work: What is Ryan Reynolds? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 28, 2019 20:05:56 November 28, 2019 20:05:56
Noam Galai/Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images

Did you see Ryan Reynolds on Saturday Night Live last weekend? Will Ferrell hosted – and Ryan showed up in the opening monologue and on Weekend Update and Duana sent me a note at 140am, after the show ended, and this was her question: What is Ryan Reynolds? The next day, it was announced that he’s become an owner in Mint Mobile. Full Story

Show Your Work: Interviewing Prince Andrew

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 21, 2019 21:46:57 November 21, 2019 21:46:57
David Levenson/ Getty Images

It’s pretty obvious that Team York did not show their work preparing Prince Andrew for his interview with Emily Maitlis for BBC Newsnight. On the other side of the interview though, it was Emily and her colleagues coming through with the work porn. And, fortunately for us, both she and producer, Sam McAllister, have given us some insight about their experience putting together the hour of television that, quite literally, brought down a member of the British royal family. Full Story

Show Your Work: The Morning Show

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 13, 2019 18:43:16 November 13, 2019 18:43:16
David M. Benett/ Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

On this week’s episode of Show Your Work, we are all in on The Morning Show, Apple TV+’s flagship series, starring and produced by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.  People are already predicting that this series WILL for sure contend at the Golden Globes. That Jennifer could be back onstage first weekend of January with a trophy in her hand. Full Story

Show Your Work: On Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2019 20:54:41 November 6, 2019 20:54:41
Harper's Bazaar

On this week’s episode of Show Your Work, we analyse the “rewilding” of Angelina Jolie. She’s been one of the savviest celebrities in the business in image management; as Duana says Angie will always be A++++ list and even though there’s been a pivot in her vibe the last few months, which she’s been talking about in interviews including the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar Full Story

Show Your Work: Is Selena Gomez The Michael Jordan Of Her Era? 

Duana Posted by Duana at October 30, 2019 19:28:12 October 30, 2019 19:28:12

On this week’s Show Your Work, it may not surprise you to know that the showrunners of Game Of Thrones made a mess… again. And worse, they’re… kind of not that sorry, or at least, they weren’t before this week started. Now, however… Last Friday, at the Austin Film Festival, the two participated in a panel that included questions about the final season of GOT but also included questions about the entire series run. Full Story

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