I told Duana at the top of this week’s episode of Show Your Work that I never thought that we’d be kicking off one of our shows with Prince William. But here we are, doing a podcast about Work, so how can we not talk about the future King of England whose work ethic and productivity has been increasingly questioned? The Guardian published an extensive piece the other day about London Bridge, the event plan that’s been in place for years, if not decades, when the Queen passes – which is when William becomes the new Prince of Wales and assumes the responsibilities thereof. Responsibility is a key word here. What are they? You may be surprised to hear that there’s an attempt at a defence of Will’s alleged “work-shyness” that comes up. Agree or disagree? Will and Kate were in Paris this weekend. A selection of photos from the trip are attached.

There is no doubt that the Cambridges, William and Catherine, are a partnership. They represent the family together. Over in Hollywood, it was recently announced that Emily Blunt will be co-starring with her husband John Krasinski in a film he wrote and will be directing. They’re not the first married couple to work on a project together. Could you work with your partner? I do. But it’s not easy. Is it easier for actors? Or… do we need to worry?

When Donald Trump took office, Stephen Colbert got his groove back. Duana and I both had pornographic reactions to that Vulture article about why Colbert is so ON right now. And how he got there. Specifically, this line:

Colbert realized he needed to stop being a micromanager.

What are the pieces we have to let go of to do our best work and show our best work?

Also in Vulture recently – an article about The Pregnancy Plot: How TV Shows Use Motherhood To Force Characters To Grow Up, most recently seen on Girls. Duana and I discuss this device, if you can call it that. And where it takes the story.

From there we move on to Noel Wells, who was cut from Saturday Night Live a few years ago, went on to work on Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None, and was just at SXSW where she talked about her time on SNL and how she was happy not to have to work for “these comedy dinosaurs” anymore. Good move or bad move?

Finally, in this week’s installment of Do We Need To Care About, I nominated Yara Shahidi. Yara Shahidi is graduating high school this summer. She applied to four colleges, including Harvard, and… Michelle Obama wrote her recommendation letter! Jodie Foster went to Yale. Natalie Portman went to Harvard. Emma Watson went to Brown. Is Yara Shahidi the same? Will she put aside work for school? Should she? And what are the pros and cons of each?

Here’s a cute video of Yara getting her grad ceremony on the set of black-ish.

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