UK Daily Mirror scans from Factory Girl with Hayden Christensen – as I reported exclusively a few weeks ago, this scene was shot in Toronto in November, with major drama on set between the two leads. Hayden’s character is based on Bob Dylan, this is a love scene that takes place in what is supposed to be Dylan’s cabin. During the 7 hour shoot, Sienna was difficult, she was temperamental, Hayden challenged her lack of professionalism, and eventually the director and Hayden’s redhead companion had to step in to mediate peace before they could get back to work. For more details from the original article, please click here. And for more EXLUSIVE details about the onset theatrics, how Hayden handled her and how he made it through the experience, check out my report on eTalk on Monday night. If you don’t live in Canada, I’ll post a lengthy recap on the site shortly after.

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