Friday night at the Holt Renfrew launch of Twenty8Twelve. Was on the carpet covering arrivals for eTalk before heading inside the party.

About the clothes – I’m sorry to say, WAY better quality than Kate Moss’s. So many cute pieces they apparently sold out in a day and have had to restock twice this weekend. Savannah Miller definitely has an eye.

My first time speaking to Sienna – I’ve seen her before, you remember the Burger King debacle at Sundance, right? The girl is still loopy but she was also exceedingly sweet.

The way it works on these carpets is that the press is told to arrive early to get in place for arrivals. While the official arrival time is distributed on a “tip sheet”, more often than not the stars come at least half an hour late. Hurry up and wait is the name of the game.

Sienna and Savannah were due to arrive at 9:30pm. Shockingly they arrived at 9:30pm. We were stunned. They posed at the photo wall, arms around each other. Savannah seemed relaxed, Sienna would not let go of her waist. She clutched her sister tightly and kept fidgeting with her other hand. It’s the strangest thing.

Imagine her: teetering on high high heels, unable to stand still, constantly twisting and shuffling her feet, to me it looked like she was jonesing for a bump. And of course that neck thing she does – sticking it out awkwardly…in person it’s even more obvious.

At the same time though, as flaky as she is, there is an endearing quality about Sienna that is irresistible. She’s the girl who is never on time but who you can’t stay mad at for being an hour late. And she’s also fiercely loyal to her sister. When asked to pose alone for photographers, Sienna refused, she held on to Savannah and would not leave her side… not even when they were walking up the stairs. In her mind that night, any photo of her would have to include her sister.

I love her for that.

When I spoke to her, she was engaging and unrehearsed. And a lot of people say that about Sienna – that she spews whatever is at the top of her head, sometimes with sh-tsburgh disastrous consequences. On this occasion, she managed to avoid a few minefields.

Her voice is scratchy – low and sexy and feminine and a little wild…probably from chain smoking. She is not tall. Probably my height, no more. I was wearing 3.5 inch booties, she was wearing black stilettos, and I’d say we were eye to eye. Her skin was still tanned from her holiday, very little makeup, surprisingly less black eyeliner than I expected, and she actually holds your gaze when you’re talking – it’s polite and it’s terribly attractive the way she bobs her head with her little buck teeth slightly protruded. I was charmed.

And also still obsessed with Savannah who isn’t conventionally pretty but mesmerising nonetheless…she looks light. Like weightless light. Composed and elegant and graceful – I love her.

The weird thing though? Their closeness, particularly Sienna’s attachment to her sister is – and this is not meant to sound sick – kinda erotic. During their interviews in the afternoon, she had her arm around Savanna’s waist and the tips of her fingers tucked into the waistband…

And then on the carpet that night, at one point Sienna was asked a question and she took her left hand and rubbed it with her palm along Savannah’s chest. My producer and I thought I was unusual. Not creepy… but unusual.

So the Millers did their press and headed inside. It was packed in there, they were roped off in a private VIP section, Liv Tyler came to party, as did Sean Penn who snuck in the side entrance and supposedly attempted to light up inside the building. You will recall the Ontario Health Board kicked his ass last year for firing up a ciggie during his press conference. Staff at Holt Renfrew were given the unfortunate task of asking him to put it out… apparently the man cannot go five minutes without, although I have to tell you, he is strangely sexy. I interviewed him last night at the premiere of Into the Wild.

It’s something. I can’t put my finger on it. But I do know now why Madonna was so entranced.

As for Sienna… she stayed for a while, a solid two hours or more, before heading back to the Park Hyatt with Liv Tyler and Peter Sarsgaard for drinks on the Roof. And no…she did not find Viggo and they did not have dirty smoky sex. Too bad.

Thanks to Jenn for the photos!