Sienna and the Boho Moment

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Vogue January 2015 issue. Sienna Miller on the cover. God she has such a lovely face. And the smattering of freckles across her nose is so attractive.

This is about Sienna starring in American Sniper. Really though, as the front page promises, it’s about Sienna’s “second act”. We’ve talked at length about her reputation. About how 10 years ago, she was one of Gossip’s favourite party girls. About the Sienna drama…

So much drama…

It defined her. She calls it her “Boho Moment”. She acknowledges that it defined her. And not just in gossip blogs either. Even people in the industry were aware of the reputation, put off by the reputation. Some great quotes here from Bennett Miller (Foxcatcher director) and Bradley Cooper about her audition tapes and how she surprised them. Cooper was actually like, “F-ck off, THAT’s Sienna Miller”?

But now she’s turned it around. Because people like Bennett Miller have worked with her. And will vouch for her. Which she explains in the interview – how Hollywood is about word of mouth, about how if one director likes you, he’ll pass that on to other directors who might not have given her a chance. Don’t call it a comeback but, yes, it really is. And she knows it:

“I’m trying to be cool about it. But secretly inside, I’m dancing.”

It’s not like she’s suddenly gone Katie Holmes on us though. Sienna isn’t boring. VOGUE posits that she’ll never be boring. As Keira Knightley describes it to the magazine, Sienna is “the most colorful butterfly in any room she’s in.”

For Sienna then it wasn’t about killing the spirit but rather reigning it in. In plain terms: growing up. And, of course, don’t forget the whitewash of motherhood although, in fairness, she’s hardly pimped her baby.

So, are you convinced?

I am… to a point. But at the same time, I’m also waiting. I wonder if Sienna’s like Ben Affleck in that way. You know, he pulled it all together. Like 90% together. And then once in a while, that 10%, you can see it glimmering around his good behaviour, like that grey hair that keeps growing back and resists all attempts to be tucked in, even under hairspray.

Did you know that Ben will be directing Sienna in a film called Live By Night? Oh the possibilities.

Click here to read the full Sienna piece at VOGUE and to see more pictures.

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