I hate underwear lines. Underwear lines are very democratic. Even skinny girls get underwear lines. Look at Sienna Miller in London the other night signing autographs for fans after her play. The alternative to underwear lines of course is having a piece of string they call a thong or a g ride up your crack – the most uncomfortable sh-t EVER. Which is why, full disclosure, I often go without. Anything. If you want me to I can get really graphic in my defence about this approach but sometimes, as evidenced by whenever I talk about poo, you people get really prudey about such matters, so maybe I’ll spare you on this occasion. You’ll have to let me know if you want more of it. But seriously, most of us are girls here, what’s the big about talking icky girl issues?

Anyway, the point is, underwear lines are gross and I hate them, on myself and on other people. This aversion may be irrational, like my disdain for turned out feet. Sorry.

As for Sienna – while Jude Law is in Brazil getting hooched, see below, Sienna’s working in London and afterworking with Tom Sturridge. They met up after her show and, naturally, everyone is assuming again that they’re f-cking. Because, well, it’s Sienna.

I don’t know if they’re f-cking. I know she probably likes to have him around as a plan b for f-cking if there’s a dry spell – you know some girls do that to some boys – and he keeps hanging around, hoping, but I don’t know if it’s a full-blown thing between them. And if it is a full-blown thing, it’s all part of her pattern anyway. In between her dramatic loves like Jude and Balthazar, Sienna goes for safe and easy, like Rhys Ifans – low stress, low intensity (at least on her part) – so that she can recharge for the real sh-t when she discards them. Having said that, Tom is SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING than Rhys that as temporary as it may be, it’s actually quite nice to look at. Maybe not as pretty as it was with Jude, but still pretty, if not a little androgynous, nonetheless.

PS. I should mention – Sienna and Tom were not alone on this occasion. There were several friends with them.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com