Since Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty were last together. He’s rarely been seen back in LA while she went off for another holiday with friends before returning to London, where she was spotted yesterday wearing skinny jeans and big boots and today in her version of the boyfriend jeans that look so much better than Katie’s.

As you can see, Sienna seems either pre-occupied with texting someone on her blackberry or at least pretending to be pre-occupied in front of the paps. Either way, buzz from London gossips is that she’s itching to get back to Balty and growing more insecure by the day about what he’s doing now that she’s not around, vacillating from manic euphoria when they have a good chat, to miserably regretful when she wonders whether her reputation has been irretrievably broken as a result of this romantic entanglement.

Was told exclusively by a source earlier this week that Sienna was given a stern shakeup recently by a member of her management team, and these were the words that supposedly hit closest to home:

“Women don’t like you at all. And men don’t like you enough to make up for it.”

Too true. And quite a conundrum.

Doesn’t matter that the hipster girls watch what she wears. Hipster girls don’t spend money at the movie theatre.

In the new season of Entourage (more on that later) Ari tells Vince – you’re in Movie Star Jail.

Sienna Miller is in Movie Star Jail.

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