Simply put, Sienna Miller is f&cked. Known internationally now for being a homewrecker, Sienna is scrambling to salvage her career. Not only are studio executives at Paramount not impressed about the near universal Sienna-hate threatening future projects, it also seems she’s receiving little sympathy from her power player peers, especially since Rosetta Getty is so well connected within that tight little Hollywood circle that includes Courteney Cox and a few other high profile friends. Click here for a brief glimpse at her life before her husband decided to piss it all away.

Rumour has it Sienna’s been socially blacklisted – not that Sienna gives a sh*t if prom queen Jennifer Aniston hates her, but at the same time, Sienna truly is becoming paranoid that the MiniVan Might is mobilising against her.

As such, she’s desperately trying to tell her side of the story and Page Six seems like a good place to start.

According to Sienna’s friends, Sienna believed that Balthazar and Rosetta were done before their relationship started. Sienna is insisting that she would never mack on a married man. She also wants to make it known that his family does not hate her. That it was actually Balty’s mom on the boat with them when those topless vacation shots were taken. Further, she wants to convince you that his friends and inner circle have accepted that they are in love.

Thing is, she can try and try, but it really doesn’t matter.

Because even if that really is the truth, Rosetta’s truth is already out there. Rosetta has already been very clear about the fact that, true or not, she holds Sienna half responsible for the demise of her marriage.

And no one sides with a single, beautiful, thin, 20-something spirited young girl over a mother of 4. Just saying.

By the way – despite reports to the contrary, Sienna and Balty are still together, living together, in LA.

Ummm…when did dating die?

File photos from WENN