If this video doesn’t make you smile, you should probably re-evaluate your entire life. Channing Tatum and Olympic gold medalist/all-around badass Simone Biles were on Ellen yesterday adorably fangirling over each other. I can’t decide which one is more adorable: the way Channing says “I’m gonna freak out” over and over or Simone’s signature giggle. Decide for yourself and meet me on the other side.

The way Channing poses with those medals? Simone’s reaction when she sees him? Seriously, if you aren’t smiling, I’m worried about you.

Since the Olympics ended, Simone Biles has been the darling of the talk show circuit. She has been everywhere. I’m not sick of her yet. I could watch Simone giggle her way through interviews until Tokyo 2020. Also, I wish we could go back to Rio so Leslie Jones and Channing Tatum could commentate every gymnastics event.

In a few months, the Simone hype is going to settle and everyone will forget gymnastics exists for the next four years. She’ll go back to the gym and we’ll be watching Laurie Hernandez become the next Zendaya (by way of Dancing with the Stars) but no matter what happens, we’ll always have when Simone met Channing.

And that time she met Zac Efron, which is less adorable but still joy inducing.

If Simone were anyone else, I might be annoyed that she is meeting all of my imaginary boyfriends from 2007. Instead, I’ll be over here, vicariously living through Simone Biles.