Did you need this today? I know you did.

Mimi wants to tell us that she’s working on new music. What better way to communicate this message than to get in the bathtub, full hair and makeup, 8 sets of eyelashes, full up on the jewels, with bubbles strategically covering her tits. Also, please appreciate her long slim leg, because SHE IS SO SKINNY NOW, although, maybe, just maybe, it may have been tampered with. Whatever, no matter.

Has Mimi ever gotten a stye in her eye? What do you think she would do? People have been sending me messages all day, some of them recommending I rub gold or a copper penny over it and that will do the trick. I’m desperate enough to try that. But if that were to happen to Mimi do you think she would use diamonds?


Bubbly times selfie 🛀🏼❤️✨😂

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Just got home after a long night at the studio!!!!! New music coming soon yayyyyyy

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