Hi Hayley!

I have a shoe problem.

First some background. I bought a pair of Adidas Duramo running shoes and started training for a 10km in January 2010. I fell in love with races and ran my first half marathon in the fall of that same year. After I completed it I was told by pretty much everyone that those shoes had been worn out and to get a new pair to continue running in. So I went to running room, got fitted and was told that I over pronate. They sold me an expensive pair of Asics. The problem is that was 2 years ago and I still can't run in those shoes. I did break my toe Christmas of 2010 and used that as an excuse to be lazy and not run. So I lost all my cardio training. Then when I did start running again I found those Asics to be unbearable. They make my knees ache. I feel like the muscles on my shins are being ripped off my bones when I run. I've been following a learn to run a marathon program to try and get ready for one in Feb 2013. I'm on week 11. I've been following it faithfully and I still cannot run more than 10 minutes straight in these damn shoes! I still have my 3 year old Adidas shoes that I have thrown on for runs every once and awhile for comparison and those make running seem easy.

So should I go with what feels right and buy another updated version of my Adidas shoes? Or go back to running room and get fitted again? I'm getting so frustrated. I know I can run for long distances as I've done it before.


Here is my piece of advice when it comes to shoes – when you find a pair that work for you, stock up because shoe companies are constantly remaking and updating their shoe models and if you go to buy another pair of the same shoes you purchased 6 months or a year ago you most likely will not be able to find them anywhere and the new model might not work for your foot.  I usually buy two pairs of shoes at a time just to make sure I have a pair waiting in the wings. So yes, go back into the shoes that you were in before because you loved them and they worked for you.

Second piece of advice for you – you are running in your shoes WAY too long and there is no reason why you should still have a pair of shoes from 2 years ago in your closet.  For the average person a pair of running shoes should last about 8 months, if you are someone who stays active.  However, if you are a “runner” and you are getting out and running in your shoes 3 or more times a week you should be getting a new pair of shoes at least every 6 months.  If you notice that the outside of your shoes are starting to wear and the grips on the soles are worn it is too late and those shoes should be donated or used for gardening. The materials that make up the inside the shoe, which is where all the cushioning and support comes from, break down a lot faster than the durable outer sole. I replace my shoes every 10 weeks, but I’m a bit of an exception as I am in my running shoes all day at work and I run 50-80km a week.  Try buying new shoes at the very beginning of your training program and then two weeks before your race buy a new pair to break in and wear in your race.  You can then use those shoes to begin your next training program and continue the same cycle.

Third piece of advice for you is to get in and see a physiotherapist about your current pains in your legs because what it sounds like to me is you have injured yourself in your past training (perhaps by running too many miles in “dead” shoes).  You may need to strengthen muscles in your shins or perhaps work on quad and glute strength to help improve your running gait.  If you have extended medical, a percentage of your visit should be covered, but even if you do not have medical get in and see one anyway as the pains in your legs will not go away, whatever shoe you are wearing.

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