Idris Elba was in Berlin yesterday at the Jaguar presentation. Isn’t that a Bond car? Or a villain car? Aston Martin is the Bond car, right? Whatever. I needed to make a Bond connection there. And he says he’s not Bond…yet:

“It’s really just a rumor—and it’s not even my rumor!”

Idris went on to tell Bloomberg

“I appreciate you saying that I’d be a good James Bond, but Daniel Craig is doing a great job with it right now. I love working with music, making people dance."

Fine. We’ll wait.

On Tuesday, David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay were in London for the Selma premiere. Oyelowo was asked about those Benedict Cumberbatch remarks that basically killed his Oscar campaign and he graciously defended his friend:

"To attack him for a term, as opposed to what he was actually saying, I think is very disingenuous and is indicative of the age we live in where people are looking for sound bites as opposed to substance. I reached out to him in support and said I think it's ridiculous.”

I appreciate Oyelowo’s generosity of spirit. But if your name is BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, with everything that name evokes, maybe don’t go around talking like that.

And finally, my #1, Oscar Isaac, promoting A Most Violent Year on Letterman. Adorably.