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Smutty Social Media, July 16, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at July 16, 2018 17:25:28 July 16, 2018 17:25:28

Miley Cyrus has wiped her Instagram. Personal or professional? I’m going with professional as her personal life has been very steady for the past year. Her last album, Younger Now, was released in September of 2017. Could it be new work? I hope so. I’d like to forget about Malibu. (There’s a lot of fan worry being expressed on Liam’s old posts – but he hasn’t deleted anything. Full Story

Smutty Social Media, July 11, 2018

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 11, 2018 18:39:51 July 11, 2018 18:39:51

I don’t have tattoos. I doubt I’ll ever get one. But I always think about it. Like what I would get…and where. And I wonder how much it will hurt. Will it hurt as much as having an IUD put in? Because MY GOD that f-cking hurt. So did my root canals. Busy Philipps says it only hurts a little, as much as writing a book. Full Story

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Smutty Social Media, July 9, 2018

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 9, 2018 20:03:00 July 9, 2018 20:03:00

Maria is on holiday this week so I’m taking over for her. And before she left, several times, she asked me to let her know ASAP if something went down with the Beckhams, that’s how worried she is. So I texted her on Saturday to let her know that David posted a video on his Instastory, holding a glass of wine, and you can hear Victoria’s voice off the top, “Do you have anything to say David?” It’s coming home. Full Story

Smutty Social Media, July 6, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at July 6, 2018 18:40:52 July 6, 2018 18:40:52

Typecasting.  James Woods may have gotten dumped by his agent but I am STILL his manager and he will STILL be playing Mayor Fuckface in Sharknado 9 — Ike Barinholtz (@ikebarinholtz) July 5, 2018 Full Story

Smutty Social Media, July 5, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at July 5, 2018 17:55:39 July 5, 2018 17:55:39

If I told you this picture was taken 10 years ago, would you believe it? It was taken this week, but they both look young, don’t they? I have never really appreciated how girlish Penelope Cruz is, probably because I only see her in gowns on the red carpet or in movies. And Lenny, well we know. His looks at this point are legendary. Full Story

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Smutty Social Media, July 4, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at July 4, 2018 18:40:49 July 4, 2018 18:40:49

Do you know what today is? Yes it’s Independence Day in the US, but do you know what today is? The Beckhams’ 19th wedding anniversary! I, of course, have been watching very closely at what is (at the time of this writing) about 3pm. London time. The World Cup is messing up my analysis because, as Lainey explained to me, the whole of the United Kingdom spent last night invested in one thing and one thing only, especially David, who had a viewing party. Full Story

Smutty Social Media, July 3, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at July 3, 2018 17:15:32 July 3, 2018 17:15:32
Sarah Morris/ Emma McIntyre/ Getty Images

This is interesting – a possible thirst trap. But is Jenny setting it for Riz or is Riz setting it for Jenny? They are working on a movie so I’m sure it’s totally above board, professional friendliness and nothing else. But it would be delightful, wouldn’t it? (Thank you for the screenshot, Elizabeth!)  Full Story

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Smutty Social Media, June 29, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at June 29, 2018 18:05:09 June 29, 2018 18:05:09

Scott Eastwood has moved to Texas because California is too crowded. Interesting. If you look at Scott Eastwood, doesn’t he seem like the type of guy who LOVES LA, especially considering his pedigree? Or am I judging a book by its cover (or in this case, by that stupid face he makes Full Story