Well. I mean, of course it’s not surprising that Solange is Best Dressed. In fact, she’s been using the MET Gala as her personal runway for years—a place where she is, in a different way than Rihanna, expected to reign.

But man, I didn’t know it was going to be like this. I LOVE this so much. First, after carping all day about people who aren’t on the theme, this is exactly on theme. No skin. No peekaboos. The puffiness is overtly adding bulk, something that a lot of people would never, never abide.

But then look at the details. The cuffed trousers which are at ‘ugly pant’ length. The shoes she calls ‘ice skates’. Best of all, that long, puffy, but somehow still clean-lined train… it’s the souped-up, MET Ball version of the dress Naomie Harris wore at the Oscars that I ultimately loved. I assume Harris is at home, nodding as feverishly as we are. How can you not? Look at this:


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The only problem here, and of course it’s not a problem, per se, but a bit of a bummer—is that Solange is playing the game at such a high level there’s nobody to compete with. Nobody can catch her. It’s one of my favourite things about the Knowles sisters that Beyoncé doesn’t even try. She has a very carefully curated look—but Solange has an aesthetic. The MET Gala was made for her… and for the serenity in her face that seems to grow calmer the riskier her ensemble is.

But it makes the wondering who will be best ever-so-slightly predictable. While I loved Rihanna’s look too, I’d argue that they’re not playing the same game. I’m getting out of my depth, design-school peeps, but to me, where Rihanna is about evoking a feeling or a persona, Solange is playing with what constitutes texture and shape and art -- as with the outfit she wore to her mother’s Wearable Art Gala on the weekend.

She’s not only my best dressed, but my most anticipated every year. Now, if someone tried to catch her? We’d be at heart-stopping. And I’d like to think Solange, like so many women I admire, would relish the opportunity to up her game.