Selena Gomez hosted WE Day California yesterday. She’s been involved in WE Day for a few years now. WE Day started in Canada, here in Toronto, where I’m based, by Craig Kielburger and his brother Mark to encourage students to participate in year-long philanthropic programs, building their social awareness so that it carries through to adulthood. To participate in WE Day, schools must support a local and an international cause and the students who demonstrate leadership in these initiatives are then selected to attend the event. WE Day has now expanded across Canada, the US, and the UK.

Selena has been working WE Day for three years and you can appreciate why she’s such a powerful ambassador for the organisation. She’s the most followed person on Instagram and she’s a big deal for teenagers, which is exactly the WE Day demographic. So it’s a great fit, on both sides. In Selena Gomez, WE Day gets a high profile celebrity promoter and with WE Day, Selena is reaching out to her fanbase in a way that’s consistent with how she’s evolved her brand. She’s been an advocate for mental health, she just produced 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, which is currently the most-tweeted show of 2017, and all of that is converging into a pretty smart career strategy. Because while so many of her fans might be teens now, they also know that being a producer is a pretty grown-up job, a job that Selena’s doing behind the camera, which sets them up to grow up with her, which is a possible solution to that Avril Lavigne problem, in that her fans grow out of her, and she keeps having to re-engage new 14 year olds.

In other Selena news, everyone thought she cut her hair this week:


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It’s the length but also that it looked kinda damp, suggesting it was a fresh style. As you can see from the pictures from WE Day though, she did not cut her hair and this is a non-issue, although I appreciate that she would have known what the reaction would be and also knew that she had an event on her schedule that would quickly answer the question.

Can we talk about her jeans though? The jeans she wore on stage at WE Day? The reason I’m thinking about these jeans is because last night, at midnight, Duana texted a link to us on group chat – The Cut’s post featuring “11 Pairs Of Unflattering Pants That Will Make You Look Ugly-Cool”. The pant trend for summer is to go “ugly-cool”. I’m pretty sure Selena’s WE Day jeans qualify as “ugly-cool”, specifically the #10 example, second to last, on The Cut’s list.