Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a Gossip Puppet Master f-cking around with celebrities. Sometimes it really is coincidence and not conspiracy. Sometimes, because it’s Hollywood, and magic happens in Hollywood, the sh-t just falls into place at the best possible time. How else do you explain it?

How else can you explain that on the night Stacy Keibler walked her first carpet in Hollywood proper as George Clooney’s official escort, down the road, just a few blocks away, her predecessor Elisabetta Canalis was getting rejected from Dancing With The Why Is? I made a bet with my colleague Ben Mulroney a few weeks ago. He was convinced that Nancy Grace would go first because she’s so grating.


No. I don’t even watch the show and I know Nancy Grace is not going first. Or anywhere near first. Elisabetta Canalis is who I said was going first. Even after odds-makers said she was the favourite to win. And you know why? No one is voting for a girl who has that body AND who’s already had George Clooney. He’s taken her far enough.

But as the former Italian Queen was falling, there’s Stacy Keibler, once again dressed on a budget, as if she’s still on Dancing With The Why Is, at the premiere of The Ides of March, rising to the position Canalis recently occupied. We saw her at TIFF, yes, but this was her first Hollywood carpet as George’s plus one. And it just happens to be when Elisabetta’s getting booted. At the exact same time.

It’s like the universe giving us opportunities to gossip: the universe is encouraging the gossip.