Stacy Keibler is hosting a new show on Lifetime called Supermarket Superstar. I guess it’s like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank where contestants pitch their food ideas to food experts and if they win, their product will be distributed at the supermarket. It was announced this week that Supermarket Superstar will premiere on July 22.

Stacy is starting to promote the show. She was featured on a page in this month’s GLAMOUR about what to do and not to do in the summer. Not surprisingly, she managed to work George Clooney into the conversation. So... they’re still together then. Even though they haven’t really been together.

On her summer style:
Last summer George and I were so casual (I was in sandals most of the time). But I did like putting on a short dress and heels and going out. He never complains about anything I wear. But I say that too short is a Don’t. Sit in your dress—if it rides up, don’t wear it.

Fine, but why would George Clooney give a sh-t what she wears?

On her summer diet:
We cook a lot in L.A. I love making salads. I go to the farmers’ market for veggies, and I make my own dressing out of olive oil, lemon, and garlic. George and I also do a lot of grilling. He’s a master at the grill. We do corn, lamb chops, chicken—no one leaves hungry from our house!

I once saw an interview with George Clooney. I think he was with Julia Roberts. He was grilling. I would challenge George to grill me the perfect steak. My steaks are always overdone. RAW! Just let it live!

On summer weddings:
A few years ago I went through that phase where everyone’s 30 and you have, like, 10 weddings in a summer. What did I learn? Be in the moment. Have a great time. And dance! And if somebody asks you when you’re getting married? Well, I say: “I’m living in the moment. I can’t even think about next week, let alone next year.” And it works.

There it is.

No marriage, no babies, and you keep your job.

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Attached -- Stacy at an event last week. She’s not as body lubed as some of the other celebrities we’ve seen but sh-t, there’s some kind of summer lubing trend that’s getting out of control.