Stella McCartney presented her Spring 2014 collection in New York yesterday supported by many of her celebrity friends including a cross section of Gwyneth Paltrow’s friends and frenemies. My G was not there as she’s back in London with her kids and her lifestyle. But her presence was felt... at least by me.

G of course is still tight with Cameron Diaz and Jessica Seinfeld. G is no longer close to Madonna and Kate Bosworth. Bosworth, in fact, was once part of the McCartney circle but hasn’t been allowed inside for the last three years or so. Until now. How hard did she have to grovel?

But isn’t it interesting how these people cluster?

Cam and Jessica Seinfeld posing together makes sense. They’ve probably stayed at late G’s place in the Hamptons on several occasions talking sh-t about anyone over a size 2. Naomi Watts, Liv Tyler, and Julianne Moore are like Switzerland. They move through all factions without having to take sides. I can’t find a photo of Bosworth with any of G’s regulars. I can’t find a photo of Madonna with any of G’s regulars. If you see one, send it over although I’ve already checked Bosworth’s Twitter because if she could have, you know she would have posted one.

What would have happened if G was in town? Would she leave early and then complain everywhere about how hot and crowded it was?