Alexander Skarsgard is expected in Cannes for Lars von Trier's latest Melancholia with Kirsten Dunst. His girlfriend Kate Bosworth's name has appeared on virtually every tip-sheet for every party here so far. A tip-sheet is a list of celebrities that publicists send out in advance of an event to let you know who's attending. Half of it is usually full of sh-t; you have to remember, they need to get the media there for whatever it is they're promoting and will sometimes bend the truth a little to their advantage. Example: "we called Leo D's rep and she said "maybe" so let's include him on the tip-sheet because he'll draw all the press". I'm always skeptical when I see Leo D's name on a list. He doesn't usually telegraph his movements like that. I am however never skeptical when I see Kate Bosworth's. She really does show up just because.

The excuse for coming to Cannes might be to work some free press for Straw Dogs, her upcoming movie with Alex and James Marsden, scheduled to open in September. Have received several requests for my thoughts on the trailer which was just released. So I just watched it. My first thought is that her body is the main event. She looks hot. That's the point. I guess? That this is ultimately what they're fighting over? A hot blonde in a sweaty shirt, running in bare feet? Yes?

I choose to regard this movie as simply a vehicle for Kate Bosworth's modelling career. Because honestly if it wants to be anything else, it may want to avoid these kinds of captions:

"But once you're pushed to the limit you'll know who you really are."

"This Fall unleash your rage."


People still respond to sh-t like that?

They don't laugh?

I laughed.


You give me derivative and I'll give you stupid assumptions right back. It's a derivative villain, it's a derivative story, it's a derivative female lead who spends most of the trailer posing - in sexy mode, in cute mode, in frightened mode - and oh wait I've just found out that this is a remake. So… derivative is about right. I suppose then that this is why she has to show up to every party. The Kate Bosworths of the world can't afford to be selective.

Here is Kate at LAX yesterday with her mother.

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