At Comic-Con The Hollywood Reporter gathered the casts of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad and sat them down for a class portrait that reinforces what I said about the dynamics during the WB/DC Hall H panel—while the Suicide Squad cast seems fun, the cast of Superhero Face Punch would really like to get back and finish their class project. Look at the “goofy” photo, it’s just the Superhero Face Punch cast looking at how much fun the Suicide Squad is having.

And here’s a fun game for you—read THR’s write up about the photo session and see how many different ways they find to insinuate that the Suicide Squad is fun and the Superhero Face Punch cast is not as fun. (I count four.) Of course, they may be taking their cue from Batfleck, who made an epic sad face during a group shot taken by Gal Gadot. That is a meme-worthy sad face. Get on it, internet.


#sdcc everyone in ONE elevator!!!!!

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Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly got the class portrait for Fox’s superhero lineup including the casts of X-Men: Apocalypse and Fantastic Four, Channing Tatum for Gambit, and Ryan Reynolds representing Deadpool.

Fantastic Four. At this point, in the Hollywood High Cafeteria Superhero Face Punch are the goth kids. I would much rather hotwire cars in the teacher parking lot with the Suicide Squad than listen to Superhero Face Punch mumble about The Cure.

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