Dear Gossips,

Suicide Squad is opening this weekend. The reviews started coming out yesterday. And the reviews aren’t great. Vanity Fair actually says it’s worse than Fantastic Four, the box office abomination of August 2015 that opened the same weekend. This might be an exaggeration. But the headlines are undeniable. And the nerds are really upset about it. So upset that they’ve launched a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, with some suspecting that there’s a conspiracy theory that favours DC over Marvel, worried that these negative shady critics will affect the performance of the film.

Ummm… Suicide Squad is expected to break the record for August openings. Some think it’ll go as high as $140 million this weekend. Most agree that it’ll easily clear $100 million and will come in with at least $120 million.

So nobody needs to f-cking worry about Suicide Squad. Bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are not going to hurt Suicide Squad. Even if those reviews affect Suicide Squad after the first weekend, it’ll still bring in enough money to make it worthwhile for the people who make these decisions to go ahead with a sequel, a second chance to get it right. Unlike female-led movies and female-led comedies, like Ghostbusters, that actually are legitimately underscored on bias and don’t get second chances. I posted about this a few weeks ago, about how male critics generally review female-driven films less favourably than their female counterparts. Salon published a follow-up to their original piece just a few days ago, specifically breaking down the Tomato-metre gender gap and its impact on female projects and subsequent box office, something Suicide Squad won’t have to concern itself with. Suicide Squad is going to be fine. Sarah’s review of Suicide Squad is coming up shortly.

Yours in gossip,