Katie Holmes was seen at NY LaGuardia on her own last night heading out for the holiday, presumably on her way to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with her family. And Suri was not with her. It’s possible that Suri left earlier with a nanny or a bodyguard, sure. But...given that her father hasn’t seen her for over 3 months, despite his repeated insistence that he’s a devoted father, it’s also very possible that Suri is with Tom Cruise.

Tom’s been super stealth the last few weeks so, if Suri is spending the weekend, it’s not known whether or not they’re in England, where he’s been shooting All You Need Is Kill, or whether or not they’ve all gathered at his property in, say, Telluride, where he would have spent several vacations with Katie and where Suri would be familiar. Paps don’t normally hang out in Telluride though. If Tom did indeed reunite with his youngest, I wonder then how he’ll make sure we know about it.

Attached - Katie arriving at work on Broadway this week for the final preview of Dead Accounts before the Thanksgiving break.