Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t. And Boy Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t…

No matter the age.

Even if it’s middle age. Or senior citizens. Sylvester Stallone is 67. Can we call him a senior citizen?

Sly and Bruce Willis worked together on the two Expendables. I’ve not seen either one but I will assume that there are guns and explosions and a lot of one liners like, “Look at my dick attached to my AK47”.

Anyway, Sly is now working on the third and he petty-tweeted two messages out yesterday about the casting process:

Then his publicist confirmed to HuffPo that Bruce Willis was indeed who he was referring to.

This is what I’m talking about. Most celebrities back off their fight tweets and claim it isn’t who you think it is even though it totally was who you thought it was. See Kirstie Alley vs Leah Remini. But this is Sly Stallone vs Bruce Willis. It’s cock to cock, there’s no time for retreat. They’ll open hand slap each other until someone passes out.

So what’s the problem?


Bruce Willis thinks he’s a big ass draw so he probably wants a big cut for little work. And Sly’s probably all like, your movies are sh-t, they haven’t been doing well, just be happy I want to give you a few million dollars to come to set for 3 days and squint your eyes.

F-ck you.

Yeah well f-ck you back.

Don’t talk to me ever again!

And scene.

Seeing as this is totally high school, it’s time for us to take sides. Me? I think I’m with Sly. If only because of this.

Attached – Sly and his wife Jennifer Flavin at Fight Night in St Tropez and with their girls a couple of days ago. Sly and Jennifer – do you remember that drama? Remember he broke up with her by FedEx (by FedEx!!!) because he was cheating with Janice Dickinson? I have a great Sly Stallone story. A friend of mine was working on one of his film sets – this is years ago when Sly was still a top Movie Star. Sly had left the windows open in his trailer and my friend walked by just as he was inside getting sucked off by a random. Along with some heavy breathing, this is what my friend heard:

“And the balls.”

Now I want you imagine that in Sly’s voice.