A couple of months ago, it was revealed that a long, LONG list of actors was being considered to play young Han Solo. Click here for a refresher. Then they narrowed it down to a shortlist, supposedly. And one of those actors on the shortlist was Scott Eastwood. You know, this guy:

Yesterday, however, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that there are now only three names in the running – and, happily, none of those names are Scott Eastwood:

Taron Egerton
Jack Reynor
Alden Ehrenreich

Let’s shout out Sarah here for Alden Ehrenreich because in her review of Hail, Caesar! she wrote this of his performance:

But the secret weapon of Hail, Caesar! is Alden Ehrenreich (Blue Jasmine) as singing cowboy star Hobie Doyle. He holds his own with Brolin, Clooney, and Ralph Fiennes, and ought to get a lot of phone calls after this.

Well this is probably the biggest possible phone call ever.

My pick right now though is Taron Egerton and, selfishly, it’s because I’ve interviewed him, on The Social, and he’s irresistible. Cute and funny and sweet and SUPER hot. To be fair, he was with Hugh Jackman who makes everyone better but still. If you’ve seen The Kingsman, you’re familiar with his swagger. If you’ve seen Eddie The Eagle, you’re familiar with his charm. If you’ve watched any of his interviews, you’re familiar with his “It”. During our interview, I asked Hugh Jackman to name one thing he sucked at, because everyone’s always going on about how nice he is, and Hugh’s answer was: “I can’t sleep on airplanes”.

Taron’s response to that?

“They ask you what you suck at and not sleeping on planes is the only thing you could come up with, are you serious?!”

It was the best. You can’t be mad at all of that. Which should be Han Solo at 25, non? 

Here's Taron promoting Eddie the Eagle with High Jackman earlier this month in South Korea.