New issue of FLARE features Tatiana Maslany on the cover. But because it’s Tatiana and Tatiana has the range, there are actually 3 covers – see attached below. My favourite is #PunkPerfection, that Joan Jett shag looks so good on her.

And the timing could not be better. Tatiana was named Best Actress (television) last night at the Canadian Screen Awards for her work in Orphan Black…which, for some reason, the major award shows in the US seem intent on ignoring, even though it’s been widely acknowledged that the show is awesome and she makes it f-cking awesome.

Whatever. That wasn’t the point of last night. The point of last night was that she was thoroughly celebrated. And she was there with her boyfriend, Tom Cullen. You might know him from Downton Abbey, if you still watch that show. They were adorable in the lounge, kissing, teasing each other, throwing candy at each other while she was doing interviews. He held on to her clutch and was hanging out with her colleagues. I’m told that he’s popular with the Orphan Black crew and that they’re generally extremely well-liked by everyone who spends time with them. Check out how cute she was in her acceptance speech. The back of that dress is amazing.

The new issue of FLARE will be available this week and will include my new column on how I turned into a clingy friend. If you missed it, click here for my first column on selfies, in which I pose in my bra and pantyhose and let it all hang out. Or down, depending how you look at it.