Did you know that Friday Night Lights premiered 10 years ago this week? For some of us it’s been a decade of Clear Eyes and Full Hearts. For others, ahem, those of you who ignored my nagging and only just gave in recently, it’s been a couple of years. For all of us, it’s been …well… it’s been hard, missing them so much. But please, that doesn’t mean we need a movie. The more time that passes, the more convinced I become that we don’t need a movie.

Anyway, here’s Tim Riggins in London shooting a new movie. Haven’t seen Taylor Kitsch around in a while. And I’m happy to see that he’s getting work. Because True Detective Season 2 was sh-t and did not do for him what it was supposed to have done for him. And, as we’ve seen, career-wise for Taylor, there were already a couple of setbacks. But he’s back in a leather jacket and boots (the jeans could maybe fit a little better) and this is a film called American Assassin and Michael Keaton is also in it so… promising?