Awwww… they’re inseparable.

Sunday night it was the hockey game and a hotel sleepover. Monday he watched her shoot a music video and had dinner with her mom. Tuesday she spent time with her bff and his ex Selena Gomez but last night, Taylor and Taylor only had time for each other, as he took her out to a steak house before driving off together in his shiny new sporty car as the paps happily papped away. They don’t seem to mind the attention either.

Cute, non?

And also very convenient. Twilight is pushing Taylor Lautner into the spotlight as a counterpoint to Robert Pattinson. A romance with music’s current sweetheart is exactly the kind of press they’re looking for. So they’re working it. And it’s working.

But it’s also fascinating already the packaging surrounding this kid.

Earlier this year in Vancouver when it was revealed that he was dating Selena Gomez, Team Lautner was not very encouraging of their young relationship, and certainly not encouraging of the publicity around that relationship. At all. It is believed that Lautner, under professional pressure, was actually discouraged from moving forward with Gomez and to keep a much lower profile until his media campaign around New Moon took flight.

Very smart, very strategic, and now a bonus with Taylor Swift.

Jennifer Aniston only wishes her plays could run this smoothly.

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