Jakey G was in London last week. He was spotted sneaking into the Harry Potter premiere. Taylor Swift performed last night at the BBC 1 Teen Awards. Was there overlap?

Well the UK Sun is saying that on Friday, Swifty flew in and spent the entire night with Jakey holed up in his suite at the Dorchester. The UK Sun is also saying that Jakey paid for the private plane to get her there, supposedly at a price tag of around US$150,000.

OK so I buy that they played cutesy hearts faces in the hotel. I do NOT buy that he put up his own cash money to make that happen. First of all because the UK Sun is often full of sh-t. And second because she had to fly there anyway. Coming in a day earlier wouldn’t and shouldn’t have necessitated such a crazy expense.

The point is however that it’s now been a four weekends – that we’ve known about – and who knows how many more before their relationship broke. Let’s arbitrarily call it 6 weeks then. Does that count as a relationship?

Here’s Jakey back in New York today, cute as motherf-ck, and Swifty with her guitar entertaining the English.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and PPNY/GSNY/Splashnewsonline.com