Gwyneth and Beyoncé were in the Hamptons this weekend and so was Taylor Swift. On Saturday night, Taylor was with Karlie Kloss at Michael Hess’s 30th birthday party. Nelly performed and pulled Taylor up on stage to duet on Dilemma with him.


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Taylor and Nelly have been friends a while. And Taylor and Karlie have known Michael Hess a while. He’s the one in the ball cap. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Michael goes by “Mikey” to his friends. And he’s close with Karlie’s VC millionaire boyfriend Joshua Kushner. I wrote about Taylor and Karlie-Joshua’s Instagram connection a couple of weeks ago when Instagram was apparently helping her censor negative comments. Mikey is also very, very, very wealthy. His name sounded familiar to me and it took me a minute this morning to remember where I had read about him. It was from a piece on Harvard’s Super Rich MBAs three years ago. I think I was following a link about secret societies and how a regular person who doesn’t come from a legacy family might feel pressured and driven to extremes if surrounded by rich kids, on Instagram or otherwise. The article explores the growing divide between the trust fund babies and the other students who didn’t have access to family wealth and connections. Mikey was actually “singled out” by the New York Times “as one of the spoiled rich kids at Harvard and a possible member of Section X, a secret society of HBS students known for their decadent parties and travel”. It’s a good read, with insight on a very, very exclusive lifestyle and the privilege enjoyed by those fortuitous enough to have been born into it. The future wolves of Wall Street?  

This is how a grown man of 30 can still go by “Mikey”. And today he and his friends are still messaging back and forth, bragging about how Nelly and Taylor Swift were at his birthday party.

As for Taylor, it’s now been a full week since she and Tom Hiddleston have been together. Which means it’s time for people to start wondering whether or not it’s over. If it’s not over she’ll let us know soon enough. If it is over, well, she’s hanging out with Richie Rich so… again… no one needs to worry about Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift will always be OK.