Well this isn’t news. I mean they haven’t been together in a long time, not even at the Vanity Fair Oscar party which they both attended and decided not to pose together. Later on, Selena tweeted about hanging out with Vanessa Hudgens and something to the effect of “she’s the only party favour I need”. It’s Girl Sh-t, the Best Sh-t, always…


Over Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is kind of waste of good Girl Sh-t, don’t you think?

According to US Weekly, Taylor is officially done with Selena now that she and JB are back together, again. We knew this, that Taylor wasn’t down with the relationship. But what’s even more interesting is that Taylor was already pissed at Selena anyway for what she did to her friend Ed Sheeran. Supposedly Selena “used” Sheeran to get back at JB. When Taylor figured out Selena’s play, she started pulling away. Understandable, yes. But at the same time, as I mentioned last week, it only isolates Selena and leaves her with fewer options. Maybe only one option?

Can you imagine feeling like your only option is Justin Bieber? 

Attached – Selena in New York working on a commercial. She has that happiness about her that never seems to last, the kind that comes with brief reconciliations, always fleeting and never true. B, by the way, is back in Canada. He landed at Waterloo last night. Last time he was here it felt like he was terrorising our news room. Please, little guy, make it a quiet trip.