Taylor Swift heading to the gym today in New York. New York, also the site of this year’s VMAs on Sunday. But, according to PEOPLE, she won’t be there citing sources connected to MTV and Taylor who insist she’s not going and never intended to go, regardless of the receipts. The reason people are wondering whether or not Taylor will show up, however, is because Kanye’s getting four minutes of stage time and no one knows what he’s planning to do with it. So there’s been speculation about whether or not those two stunt queens will pull a rabbit out of the hat and make themselves a spectacle again.

Ummm…I hope so. I have my doubts, but I hope so. Because if it is so, it would be great for gossip. It just depends if you can see it from her. From him? Totally. From her, though?

So. If she doesn’t go does Taylor Swift stay offline and totally not go? Or does Taylor Swift fly to Australia and make sure we know she’s in Australia? If that’s the move, if that’s the level of trifling that we have to play with (and petty is always good for gossip), I’d prefer if she’d post the first Swoki photo on Instagram at the exact moment Kanye is on stage. I mean, why half-step the pettiness, right?