In my post about Taylor Swift’s pre-Halloween weekend whereabouts yesterday I wrote that whatever she was doing, whether or not she was in London, she was definitely back in the US on Monday and that we’d see by last night how she does Halloween. And, indeed, we did.

She was with her girlfriends, including Gigi Hadid, and of course, the occasion was documented on social media. It wasn’t the quite the spectacle that #Taymerica was, but enough that everyone’s talking about it. In particular, because of Taylor’s costume:




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The costume was the real thing. Of course it was.

And that’s the headline: Taylor Swift borrows the actual Deadpool costume from Ryan Reynolds, so it’s a fanboy geek kid dream, and the most noteworthy one of the group, and, perhaps, among all celebrities. Also, free marketing for Deadpool after the sequel just lost its director. If all that wasn’t clear enough, Blake Lively approved:

It gives this photo another perspective, doesn’t it?