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John Krasinski SDs with "best boss" Steve Carell

Joanna Posted by Joanna at March 31, 2020 15:56:26 March 31, 2020 15:56:26
YouTube/ SomeGoodNews

In another world, John Krasinski would have hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time over the weekend, fulfilling a childhood dream. Instead, he posted his first Some Good News broadcast to YouTube from a Weekend Update-like desk late on Sunday, in front of a logo created by his daughters, and gave the people what they want: a reunion with his "best boss ever" from The Office, Steve Carell. Full Story

How long can Ryan Reynolds do this?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 9, 2019 19:11:41 December 9, 2019 19:11:41
YouTube/ 20th Century Fox

One Fox movie that Disney didn’t sh-tcan after taking control of the studio earlier this year is Free Guy, a Ryan Reynolds project in which he plays Guy, a non-player character in a video game who gains sentience. The first trailer for Free Guy is here, and it looks like a classic Ryan Reynolds movie. Full Story

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Show Your Work: What is Ryan Reynolds? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 28, 2019 20:05:56 November 28, 2019 20:05:56
Noam Galai/Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images

Did you see Ryan Reynolds on Saturday Night Live last weekend? Will Ferrell hosted – and Ryan showed up in the opening monologue and on Weekend Update and Duana sent me a note at 140am, after the show ended, and this was her question: What is Ryan Reynolds? The next day, it was announced that he’s become an owner in Mint Mobile. Full Story

A Spendy Christmas Carol

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 9, 2019 12:57:10 October 9, 2019 12:57:10
Drew Altizer/ WENN

Apple TV+ has not yet launched, but they are the winners of a bidding war over a musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol, starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. The exact number is not known, but when have we ever heard a reasonable number for a streaming deal? They probably paid nine figures for this, I'm gonna say, mess. Full Story

Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds have never met

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 4, 2019 18:26:45 October 4, 2019 18:26:45
Ilya S. Savenok/ Craig Barritt/ Getty Images

New York Comic-Con has begun, starting the hype train for projects that weren’t ready in time for San Diego Comic-Con. This includes Free Guy, the mostly-under-the-radar action comedy Ryan Reynolds shot over the summer with Night at the Museum and Stranger Things director Shawn Levy. (Free Guy is written by the guy who wrote the “hot Santa who f-cks Full Story

Get ready for the 6 Underground Challenge

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 1, 2019 19:39:30 October 1, 2019 19:39:30
Elder Ordonez/ Robert O'Neil/ Splash News

Netflix has gotten in the habit of betting big in December, creating an at-home offer to counter the usual blockbuster cinematic treat (this year: The Last Jedi). Last year it was Bird Box, the year before that: Bright. This year the Netflix holiday bet is a Michael Bay movie starring Ryan Reynolds called 6 Underground. Full Story

Jason Bateman in the conservatory with the candelabra with Ryan Reynolds

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 26, 2019 16:18:08 September 26, 2019 16:18:08
Greg DeGuire/ Getty Images

Straight off his surprise win for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series at the Emmys, Jason Bateman is in talks to direct his first feature film, a remake of the board game movie Clue. Bateman is also up for a role in the film, which would put him up against Ryan Reynolds, who is also producing. Reynolds’ regular collaborators, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese—the Deadpool writers—are writing the script. Full Story