Oh Swifty...please be careful

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 27, 2010 11:32:00 January 27, 2010 11:32:00

Last night John Mayer was in Nashville for the Crossroads taping with Keith Urban. More on how that went down later.

Taylor Swift attended amid speculation that she and Mayer are now dating. My sources tell me she was backstage before the show, totally crushing on him, very "smitten", flirting, like a young girl intoxicated by attraction to an older man, too young to separate artistry from douchery.

On Monday night, Taylor and Mayer went out for dinner with a large group. I'm told this is how she gets around her mom. Momma Swift is a wary parent and some say Taylor arranges their time together in crowds so as not to hear it from her mom later on. There are some rumours that John was seen at her place afterwards. This has not been substantiated.

At the performance however her affection for him was undeniable. She was cheering enthusiastically in the audience, making hand hearts at him constantly, and the buzz among industry insiders and crew is that they're definitely dating. Some have even told me that this is why she called it off with Taylor Lautner. Because while there was no spark with Tom Cruise's mini me, she was compelled to explore the intensity of her feelings for John.

As you can imagine, for squeaky clean TSwizzle, a hook up with Mayer, currently extolling the virtues of masturbation in the pages of Rolling Stone, is problematic for her image. It remains to be seen then how her team will manage the progression of this relationship.

Kanye was nothing. Nothing compared to how this dicksplash could destroy her. Then again, she's young. And it happens. We are/were all due for a transformational devastating affair. At 20, for Taylor, it's only a matter of time. It's just really too bad it could be him. Because on a romantic resume, John Mayer is a straight up smear.

As for what's going down with him and Keith Urban, that is coming up soon. Am writing it now.

File photos of Swift & Mayer at Vevo Launch December 2009 from Gettyimages.com

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