Taylor Swift is back in New York. She went to the gym yesterday and also out for dinner with Todrick Hall. You’ll recall, after Receipts Day, Todrick defended Taylor against Kanye West and his wife, telling PEOPLE that:

"I'm not sure of everything that happened or did not happen, but all I know is I feel that I would feel taken advantage of if someone recorded me without me knowing it. My heart goes out to (Taylor) because she never asked to be a part of this whole Kimye experience. She just wanted to accept an award. And it's just, literally, like Bring It On – you know how they keep making Bring It On movies again and again and again? It's like it doesn't seem it will end."

Todrick is being rewarded for his loyalty. Does a Swift always pay her debts?

Anyway, Taylor being in New York means that she’s not in Australia with Tom Hiddleston and that’s giving everyone reason to wonder whether or not Swoki might be in jeopardy because Taylor Swift is supposed to be the kind of girlfriend who has to be with her boyfriend all the time. Like, she has nothing better to do, so why isn’t she spending time there instead of on her own?

Or maybe it’s because she’s writing, maybe even recording. They say a new album won’t be ready this year. If she’s working on something then, next year would be amazing. Katy Perry’s working on a new album too. I mean, if it’s timed like that it would be another Gossip Christmas. And no, not only because it’s Girl Sh-t and Bad Blood but mostly because competition is GOOD.

But back to Swoki and what’s going on – the fans seem to think it’s fine. You’re going to love this. Tom was approached by a fan the other night who thanked him for being “so sweet to Taylor”. His response, allegedly:

“It’s my pleasure.”

Look at all those exclamation points…!