Page Six has an exclusive today about how much Taylor Swift thinks about Katy Perry.

Taylor Swift is “obsessed” with getting more No. 1 hits than Katy Perry and is making an aggressive push to get songs from her album “1989” promoted to beat her pop rival’s record. “She wants seven No. 1s,” said an industry source, adding, “Katy tied Michael [Jackson]’s record for having five No. 1s from a single album, and Taylor wants to beat Katy. She wants to be the greatest.”

Other sources tell Page Six that it’s not about Katy Perry. That this is standard procedure for the label – to get as many #1s as possible.

As you know, they have history. It started with John Mayer. And then Taylor told Rolling Stone that it stopped being about a guy and more about the work:

“It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me . . . I don’t think there would be any personal problem if she weren’t competitive.”

Taylor never mentioned Katy by name, but everyone knows. WE KNOW.

You know what though? If Taylor wants to go after Katy’s record because she wants to be the greatest, for career supremacy, well, it kinda reminds me of what Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie said in her speech about feminism (that was sampled in Beyonce’s Flawless):

“We raise girls to see each other as competitors not for jobs or accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men.”

It can be a good thing. It was a good thing last night when Venus played Serena at the US Open. They competed during the match. They supported each other after the match. Taylor wants more #1s than Katy. Katy is supposed to be releasing a new album next year. And then Katy will want that album to score more #1s than Taylor. And they’ll keep hitting it hard back to each other, back and forth, back and forth, and stealing each other’s dancer talent or producer talent …is that such a terrible thing? Serious question. Is it?