Taylor Swift posted an “I woke up like this” photo on Instagram and, well, how come celebrities always wake up in the best f-cking light? She looks adorable. But her skin also looks really, really even. And part of that, of course, is being 25, but most of it is about lighting.

Also, eyelashes.

People like me, who have no eyelashes on the bottom, and 7 eyelashes on the top, don’t wake up like this. And what is that sleep shirt? Is that a cap sleeve?

If I were her, I’d try to recreate this face for when she goes out. Because it’s so fresh and pretty, I don’t even mind her hair.

It’s Taylor’s dad’s birthday today. In honour of that she also put this one up:



Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for all the unconditional love, sarcastic comments, and interesting Christmas presents.

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The difference in their expressions is cracking me up. Is it legit? That depends on how much credit you give her acting skills. I don’t… so I totally believe the confusion and frustration on her face. Because even if you’re Taylor Swift, Dads are WEIRD.