TMZ has done a great job in recent weeks providing us with Archie White’s side of the breakup with Taylor Swift. First, she was “too Hollywood” for him and he wasn’t about that life. Then she may or may not have cheated on him with Tom Hiddleston. This followed their coverage of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard situation, decidedly pro-Johnny, which is why I’ve been wondering whether or not TMZ is establishing itself as the voice of the historically underrepresented Man. Allie Jones (hi Allie!) over at The Cut wonders the same, with a post yesterday about how TMZ Can’t Stop Defending Bad Celebrity Men.

Right after that happened, TMZ updated with a new report on Abbott Walker’s hit song This Is What You Came For featuring Rihanna – that Taylor’s actually the one who wrote it under a pseudonym, holds the publishing rights to it, and that their relationship went south because he disrespected her on the radio in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, lying about whether or not they would ever work together. Now PEOPLE has confirmed through Taylor’s reps that she did indeed write the song. Which she’s been hinting to us for weeks now because while she removed all evidence of Cyril Huckabee from her social media, this photo remains:



A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


THIS is a sophisticated f-cking media game! This is what gets my nipples hard about Taylor Swift. This shows me that she’s learning how to hoard, how to save her knives and throw them at the right time.

And, as expected, Aldous Wapowski has responded.

That’s nice, isn’t that nice. But he couldn’t leave nice enough alone. He decided to throw a hissy fit. We LOVE when he throws hissy fits!

Like… this is supposed to tear her down? This is supposed to hurt her? This is supposed to be some kind of clap back?

Dude. We now know that she’s getting PAID. That the song that’s been attributed to you all summer is now going into her bank account.

In what world does this make him look like he has any less ass on his face?!