Avengers Assemble with The Dark Knight

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I donΓÇÖt know if youΓÇÖve heard but a lot of critics are talking about The Avengers like itΓÇÖs the rapture. Best super hero movie ever? Click here for a collection of analyses. IΓÇÖm not nerd enough - at all - to be able to make any sort of declaration on the subject. All I can say, in short, is that The Avengers is super fun, that I had a great time seeing it, that I was so happy after seeing it, and that I cannot wait to see it again.

Anyway, not that anyone needs any more incentive to see The Avengers but itΓÇÖs been confirmed that when it finally opens on May 4th, it will be preceded by a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. A Warner Bros source told Nikki Finke at Deadline that:

ΓÇ£We see this placement as a good strategic decision. We always want our trailers to be seen with films that people want to see ΓÇö and a lot of people will be going to The Avengers!ΓÇ¥
This seems to me to be a healthy, smart way to do business. Why not?

What I donΓÇÖt understand are the petty comments that come, inevitably, every time thereΓÇÖs anything ever written about The Avengers - in my inbox, at my Twitter - like: TDKR IS GOING TO KICK AVENGER ASS! AVENGERS CAN EAT SH-T! AVENGERS WILL ONLY OWN IT UNTIL TDKR COMES! TDKR WILL BE THE BIGGEST MOVIE EVER!

I mean, itΓÇÖs not like I donΓÇÖt agree. The Dark Knight Rises will be massive, probably the most massive, stamp it, stamped, stampted GREATEST OF ALL KANYE TIME ....but whatΓÇÖs with the f-ckinΓÇÖ dork war that has to erupt over it? Robert Downey Jr may have to write ΓÇ£The Avengers is 99% but TDKR will be 110%ΓÇ¥ in his own blood before these people are satisfied.

(In meek voice) But is it ok to like The Avengers? Even if itΓÇÖs not by Christopher Nolan? Or am I just not nerd worthy?

Here are some of The Avengers promoting the movie in Italy and Germany over the last few days. Hi Mark Ruffalo. I know IΓÇÖve been writing a lot about Tom Hiddleston lately but donΓÇÖt you ever doubt that you are my one true love forever. So about Chris HemsworthΓÇÖs shag...true story - for months I tried to style mine like that in 1994, around the time of Reality Bites. As for Hiddleston, I like him so much better wearing just a shirt and waistcoat with the sleeves rolled up. Hot, right? What is it that IΓÇÖm not feeling when heΓÇÖs in a suit jacket?

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