Venice. Birdman opens the festival tonight. Here’s the cast with director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu at the photo call today…already looking triumphant?

Everyone is watching Birdman as one of the expected contenders for Oscar. They’ve been talking like Michael Keaton is a lock. Unless, of course, the film is sh-t. So far, from the reviews I’ve read, Birdman isn’t sh-t. Not at all sh-t. Variety gave it a very strong endorsement. The Telegraph says it’s “brilliant”. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “exhilarating”. So, Birdman is on its way.

And you have to think too that the Academy will love it, especially the actors’ branch. This, after all, is a film about celebrities and thespians, about superheroes and entertainers, about creating AND selling out, about stage vs screen, it’s insider but also aims to be universal. Even the casting is meta – Keaton, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone have all been involved in superhero franchises while getting down on the indie side.

Are we finally looking at a return to the Oscars for Edward Norton? Best Supporting Actor is a possibility. I’m sure he could get the votes too. God I can’t wait to see this movie.