The Bridge Season 1 Episode 5 recap

Jumping right in with Jefe and an underling discussing how a serial killer is different from any other kind of killer. Jefe determines he isn’t a serial killer because he doesn’t enjoy killing. Then he murders some guy he tortured. He’s trying to track down the Raging Lunatic Pimp because he killed that lady in El Paso.

So the FBI agent who got his head cut off was one of Christina Fuentes’ “regulars”, and Sonya has spent her weekend tracing his steps. She shows up at Marco’s house just in time for Sunday dinner, which she promptly makes horribly awkward by maybe accidentally outing Marco’s affair with the lost wallet.

And yep, Marco’s sweet wife is also smart—she kicked him out. Also she’s pregnant.

Update: the FBI guys are still assholes.

And this dude who bails out his shop-lifting daughter only to blow her off is an asshole. Clearly his daughter is about to get kidnapped and/or killed.

Matthew Lillard is also still an asshole. Come to think of it, this show is made up of, like, 92% assholes.

Raging Lunatic Pimp confronts Creepy Steven, and Creepy Steven beats him to death with an iron just as Marco shows up to rattle his cage. He still thinks Creepy Steven is Serial Killer Doug, even though Sonya doesn’t. I should mention that the entire Creepy Steven is murdering/talking to Marco, he’s wearing nothing but tightey-whiteys. It puts the lotion in the basket.

Sonya really doesn’t get how she screwed over Marco with the wallet, and he’s amazingly patient about it. He calls them “partners” and Sonya offers him her couch.

So far this episode is more world-building than dealing directly with the mystery of Doug. This feels like a very rich world, with the tensions between law enforcement agencies, between the police and the journalists, and between Juarez and El Paso. It’s nice to settle into it a little more and learn things like Creepy Steven knows enough about murder to know how to dispose of a body, and Marco’s infidelity appears to be chronic.

The budding juvenile delinquent is headed into Mexico. This can only end in tears.

More character stuff—Marco’s son and wife have a nice moment of understanding. Still not entirely sure how Gus fits into the larger story.

Once again, Sonya (unintentionally) totally sells out Marco. He encouraged Smart One not to talk to the police until they agree to give her asylum, which annoys Sonya because she thinks it will slow down the investigation. Never mind that Smart One has a baby in Houston and was nearly serial-killed to make a political point.

Man, Marco is disappointing everyone today. Even the sassy secretary is like, “You’re a hound dog.”

Creepy Steven pushes the dead body wrapped in a rug out his window and accidentally hits a car instead of the dumpster. His response? “Oh dear.” He is officially my favorite.

Marco stole Matthew Lillard’s phone and left it with Sonya, so of course she ends up talking to Doug. He implies that the FBI covered up Gedman’s, err, proclivities. For a guy who is into poisoning and chopping people in half, Doug is very politically motivated.

Rich Widow and Marco hash it out. He basically gives her the business and warns her to just let the cartel use the tunnel on her ranch. She takes his brush off and unpleasant advice reasonably well, and it turns out she has a mysterious gentleman from her past on the hook, too. Rich Widow is living her life.

The budding juvenile delinquent follows strange men into their apartments. It’s like she wants to be horribly murdered. (Her name is Gina, and I’m going to do my level best to remember that.) And sure enough the guy who took her in wants to ransom her or sell her or something. The dude’s girlfriend, Esme, helps Gina escape.

We learn a little more about Sonya’s dead sister. She was killed at 18 and Sonya keeps drawings by the man who killed her, who is brain damaged. So…car accident?

Esme tells Gina about the “beast”, which is what the locals call the killer of Juarez. Gina is naïve and somehow it never crossed her mind that a stranger in a dangerous city would ever want to hurt her. She’s basically the girl who runs back into the house in a horror movie.

Creepy Steven is still trying to dispose of the Raging Lunatic Pimp’s body.

Smart One didn’t have much info about Doug except that he’s white and might have been driving a police car. So the weird deputy is back in the running as a potential Doug.

Esme’s sister is one of the missing girls.

Rich Widow’s booty call from Tampa is a scuzzy beach bum type who says things like, “I’ll show you my new tattoo.” Gross.

Somehow Jefe finds Creepy Steven way out in the middle of the desert where he’s burying the Raging Lunatic Pimp and confronts him, but that’s as far as that thread goes. Till next week, then.

And finally Gina returns home and Sonya and Marco find her hiding in a wardrobe and her asshole father murdered. She says she saw the beast. Given that he’s scarily omniscient, that doesn’t bode well for Gina.

Attached – Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger on the set of The Bridge earlier this week.