You build for the summer at Christmas. Which is why the studios have been rolling out trailers for all their summer blockbusters. Today, the big one arrived:

The Dark Knight Rises.

I don’t think Michael Caine could have delivered that line with any more emotion. Right off the top he made me want to cry. There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as a senior citizen burdened with disappointment.

And then it started pounding…

The preview speaks for itself. Awesome. (Except I’m worried, like everyone else, I won’t be able to understand what the f-ck Tom Hardy/Bane is saying.) Did you see the 6 minute prologue this weekend?

Also, if they were confident enough to put that football field scene in the trailer, can you imagine the crazy sh-t they’ve HELD BACK???

The Dark Knight Rises July 20, 2012.