Dear Gossips,

My entertainment priority last night was Euphoria, so I totally forgot that the Golden Globes were happening – and by happening, they were not televised or streamed, but the winners were announced via live tweets, which turned out to be a mess


“Chaotic mess” is 100% on brand with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They’ve always been messy, and that mess finally caught up with them last year when the LA Times exposed their lack of diversity and other shady practices resulting in much of Hollywood telling them to fix themselves and Tom Cruise sending back his three awards. I would really like to know how this happened. Probably a simple FedEx delivery but in my mind, I imagine him rappelling from his helicopter down to HFPA headquarters and leaving the box on a windowsill. 

But back to the Globes 2022 and their commitment to chaos – even over Twitter, they managed to uphold their star-f-cker energy. 


Only the names matter. Only the celebrities matter. The actual work? Sure, if there’s time…to actually see the people in the projects that they’ve nominated. Not that most people in the industry would have to see Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story to know that, well, it’s not exactly a knee-slapper. But according to the Globes’ social media manager, the film is hilarious!


Somehow, even during a year when they’re supposed to be taking a break, the Golden Globes still ended up being a joke. When this was supposed to be a time for the HFPA to reimagine their organisation’s reputation and actually begin to build real value for their award. And not necessarily for themselves. In fact, it’s supposed to be entirely NOT about them but about the artists and the performances. Like MJ Rodriguez who is now the first trans actor to win a Globe and acknowledged her win, Best Actress in a Television Series, for what it means for the community.

Still, there are a lot of people who aren’t convinced that the HFPA actually cares about artists like MJ, considering this is only MJ’s first Globe nomination, after Pose’s third and final season. And I’m not sure last night was a positive step forward in assuring the industry that the Globes going forward will be different from what they were in the past. 

Yours in gossip,