Here’s what I like about it: I like opening with Kanye West. I like looking at Bradley Cooper all sweaty, with shades on, and an open neck shirt, walking in slow motion in front of two other guys. I also like some of Ed Helms’s reactions. And when Galifianakis says “PF Chang’s”, I laughed. Because, obviously.

What I don’t like is the gross monkey. I hate the f-cking monkey. I also hate Ken Jeong’s ching chong stylings. I mean, you have an entire country to stereotype on location, why bring back the token Asian man and laugh at his small dick from the first movie???

Whatever. You don’t want to listen to my griping. It’ll be big business. Memorial Day, I think.

And here’s Coop in Madrid on El Hormiguero promoting Limitless yesterday. He’s doing something different to his hair. I’m into it. Also, as previously noted, Hollywood actors will agree to so much more silliness overseas on press tours. Why can’t they ease up over here too? OK know-it-alls, I get it with the image thing, but I think we can all agree too that these days, it’s just become so….homogenous.

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