Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night. Ryan Reynolds was honoured as the Entertainment Weekly Entertainer of the Year and the Best Actor in a Comedy and Deadpool was named Best Comedy while Ryan Gosling was there with La La Land which won for Best Drama. There are more parallels.

I always get them mixed up when I’m talking. Like sometimes when I mean Reynolds, I say Gosling, and sometimes when I say Gosling I mean Reynolds. I did this recently at The Social during commercial break when I shouted out to the audience if they were excited about having just watched “Ryan Gosling!” on our show. And I didn’t even know that I’d said it but meant “Reynolds” instead until I saw people looking at me like, “You f-cking loser” and a colleague ended up correcting me.

But there are so many similarities, non? They’re Canadian. People react to them the same way. (“RYAN X IS SOOOO HOT, SCREAM!” They themselves have joked about how people react to them the same way, or confuse one for the other. And they both have daughters. And their daughters were born the same year. Even professional photo agencies can’t keep it straight sometimes!

Anyway, whatever, it’s not like either one is hurting from this so let’s move on to the fact that the Ryans from Canada were at the same place at the same time last night and… we have new photos of them together. Joanna emailed me last night wondering if it’s the first photos of them together since these shots of them together. It was Teen Choice. It was 2005. It was two Ryans and a Rachel from Canada.